This is a little guide for Sunday stories to maintain consistency and cohesiveness across both campuses specifically during service times using the Over app. This is not a guide for stories for all other days of the week. :) We can change fonts, colors, and themes together from Sunday to Sunday! We will also continue evaluating as a team on what works and what doesn't!

SUN 4/7/19

Hamilton Mill: Taylor (also singing in Transit)

Sugar Hill: Mary 


Since March Madness is coming to an end and we are getting ready to announce all the bracket winners for each campus and service time, let's pull inspiration from the Gwinnett Church Madness logo!

Paste this image into Over and pull colors from it with the eyedropper. Since there are only a few colors, we don't need to assign a specific color to a campus. We can differentiate posts with the campus' hashtag.




Font: Avenir (bold, third from bottom option)

Caps: All caps

Spacing: See reference photo below

Alignment: Use your judgment, but don't use "justify" since it affects the kerning (spacing in between individual characters) a bit and can look funny.


SCRIPT (use as a fun accent)

Font: Northwell (second option)

Spacing: No changes


Note: For this week, let's keep all the text straight (not rotating or putting things on stories at an angle.)

Reference photo

  1. Tap and hold and save this image to your phone.
  2. Open it in Over and create a text box over it to match the fonts, tracking (horizontal spacing, and leading (vertical spacing).
  3. Delete the reference photo.
  4. Every time you create a new story, duplicate this file so the spacing is always the same!


Examples and graphics

  1. When you're ready to use one, click the share icon in the bottom left corner of the image in Photos.
  2. Click Copy.
  3. Head to stories to paste the GIF. Sometimes there will be a pop-up that says "add sticker" with the image you just copied.
  4. If this doesn't happen, start a text box and tap Paste and the GIF should pop up.
  5. That's it!


Campus hashtags

Let's add the campus hashtags #GCHamiltonMill and #GCSugarHill to our stories. Create it in Over using Avenir Bold in all caps with the same spacing in the reference photo and copy and paste it into stories.


Don't shy away from reposting posts and stories from our community on Sundays! Pick a few that catch your eye. We want to show them some love! :)

  1. Re-share the post/story.
  2. Go to your brush tool in stories, pick a solid background color, and tap and hold outside of their post. This will give the story a solid background instead of the gradient that sometimes shows up.
  3. Add #ForGwinnett and #GCSugarHill or #GCHamiltonMill if it's relevant to a specific campus. Create in Over and copy and paste onto the story.
  4. Add any other fun text using one of our font choices for the day!


When we're posting on the main feed, let's capitalize hashtags like #ForGwinnett, #GCSugarHill, and #GCHamiltonMill. It'll help our followers quickly distinguish the words better. When we're posting to stories and not using all caps, we can also capitalize this way. This suggestion goes for posts outside of Sundays as well!

Text sizing

As a general guide for stories, let's make sure the main text of the story is big enough for people to read without having to squint or hold their phone up too much.

Re-sharing to Facebook stories

Please make sure the stories are sharing to Facebook as well. Sometimes Instagram will unlink from Facebook and not post our stories! So look out for the little Facebook icon at the bottom right corner of our stories. (Note: Re-shares don't normally repost to Facebook.)

Creating stories

Whether or not you want to create all of your stories in Over and then upload them to stories is totally personal preference. Another option is uploading your photo/video to stories and going into Over to create text on a transparent background. You then go back into stories and paste that text over the photo/video. Do whatever is most comfortable and efficient for you!